Welcome To LezFindr!

Welcome to the new LezFindr! We have two Betas coming and we need your feedback to help form the future of LezFindr!

First Beta we have is our AI driven LezFindr 2.0 and we are taking sign ups Here where you can try it out and feel free to forward the link to your friends! We will be adding new fea

Second Beta we have is LezFindr.Fun driven by HTML5 based social networking technology that we are working to customize and soon we will be turning into native apps on iOS and Android! You can join this beta here

We are looking for feedback on both of the apps and let us know which you prefer! Reach out to us at info@lezfindr.com if you have any feedback on both! Thank you so much for your support, LezFindr will only be successful with the help of out community!

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